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Bellport Village Program Fund Mothers Beach Unveiling
We need your creative ideas and take-charge approach. 


Share your vision with us by filling out the form below, and the BVPF Board will get back to you after reviewing the suggestion.

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Project Approval Process


Initially new projects are proposed via the New Project Suggestion area to the left. These suggestions will be reviewed periodically by the Board.  If a suggestion is judged worthy of further consideration, the person proposing the suggestion will be contacted by a member of the Board who will guide them through the application and approval process.  This will include completing a detailed New Project Application Form to identify such items as Project Manager and other personnel involved, detailed approach, timeline, estimated cost, funding requested, and any plans for additional fundraising.


The Board will consider the application according to the criteria stated in the BVPF mission statement, and the applicant will be notified to fill out an application thereafter.  In the event that the Board needs further clarification of any aspect of the proposal, the applicant may be asked to meet with Board members to provide a more detailed explanation.


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