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2023 Sandcastle Contest

The 15th Bellport Village Program Fund  Sandcastle contest was held at HoHum Beach on Saturday September 2 and was a huge success!  We were pleased to see thirty-three creative castles built!

The winners of the contest were as follows:

In the 0–8-year-old category, the first place winner was Castle #2, The Beach Plum Fairy House, built by Nora Guja; second place was Castle #20, The Boaters by James Burkly, and Pryce and Lilly Everitt; and the third place was Castle #10, Skull Crusher, built by Ronin, Maddox, and Edie.

In the 9–16-year-old age category, the first place winner was Castle #32, Whale House Point built by Luke Moyer-Olson, Jack Jack Moyer-Olson, CiCi, Ever, Arthur, Jack, Oliver, Julius, Charlie; second place was Castle #38, Sandy the Beach Girl built by Molly, Connie and Margo Mayward; and third place was castle #33, Gansett Jaws built by Lilly Guja.

In the over 17/ adult category, the first place winner was Castle #44, Classic Castle built by Tobin and David Garcia; second place went to Castle #47, Dragon King built by Fabian, Justin, and Oliver (Nettlebeck and Trans); and third place went to Castle #43, McByworth Shipbuilding, built by Sara, Bob, Anna, and Pete.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of this year’s contest!!!

Enjoy the Carla Marla prizes for ice cream!

T2-Sandy the Beach Girl_144-med
T1-Whalehouse Point_143-med
K2-The Boaters_141-med
K1-Beach Plum Fairy House_140-med
K3-Skull Crusher_142-med
A2-Dragon King_138-med
A3-McByworth Shipbuilding_139-med
A1-Classic Castle_137-med
T3-Gansett Jaws_145-med
Cocktails by the Bay 2023

The Bellport Village Program Fund cocktail party was held on Saturday August 12th, 2023.  With attendance at over 250 supporters and 90 new attendees, it was a new record and very gratifying to see such widespread support for the work that the BVPF does for our wonderful Village. 

As a result of this successful event and contributions, we are able to continue with another year of Bite Back against mosquitoes and flies at Ho Hum and Mothers Beaches and at the Bandshell Park. We will also continue raking the seaweed and debris with our new Beach Raker on the beaches at the Marina Beach, the Bandshell Park, and Mother's Beach. 

In addition, we are excited to have raised sufficient funds for executing (i) the renovation of the North Howells Pt. circle and tree lighting, (ii) funding the Village’s Environmental Committee 1,000 yards Campaign, and (iii) as proposed by the Environmental Committee, purchasing new bike racks to be installed by the Village.  

BVPF Scene_135-med
BVPF Sculpture_148-med
Family Bingo Nights 2023

BVPF once again hosted two Family Bingo Night: one at the Foster's Field, and one at the Bellport Country Club, with excited winners getting Carla Marla Gift Certificates.

Family Night at Mother's Beach

The Seventh Annual Family Night at Mother's Beach was held on July 29, 2023.  Flo’s truck was a huge success as usual and with FoBB oyster seeding into the bay a good time was had by all. 

Mothers Beach 2023-5
Mothers Beach 2023-3
Mothers Beach 2023-1
Mothers Beach 2023-4
Mothers Beach 2023-2
Bellport Bay 5K 2023

BB5K Returns to Bellport

The BVPF is pleased that it has successfully revived the annual summer 5K race in Bellport. The new Bellport Bay 5K started in July 2022 with 200 runners and in 2023 celebrated Bellport with over 400 runners! There is also a 500 yard “Fun Run for Kids” of all ages. It is truly a family event for all!

The race starts in the late afternoon at the historic and beautiful Bellport Marina, winds through the picturesque Village of Bellport, and ends back at the Marina. A post-race awards ceremony with refreshments follows!

All proceeds from race registrations and tax-deductible sponsorships, after race-related expenses, go to benefit the BVPF.

2023 BB5K Sponsor Poster-Draft 8.jpg _2.jpg
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