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Cocktails By The Bay, 2013
Mother's Beach 2013 "unveil"

On July 5, 2013 many Bellporters and friends witnessed the "unveiling of Mother's Beach."  About 300 people attended the multi generational gathering with many purchasing food from the popular Flo's truck.  


The evening celebrated the collaboration between the Village of Bellport and the Bellport Village Program Fund, a private, non profit 501(c)3.  The latter group carried out the revitalization of the beach as well as other projects in Bellport, including the popular "Bite Back" campaign.  Bite Back is a mosquito control spray of natural oils used at Ho Hum and Mother's to rid the beaches of the annoying bugs.  Green fly traps are also in use at the beaches. 
It is impressive to see support expanding for projects in Bellport!   Although the Mother's Beach unveiling was not intended as a specific fundraiser, local residents generously contributed a significant amount to offset the costs involved in the Mother's Beach renovation!  We sincerely thank all our contributors.
There are many ways that improvements can be made to preserve and protect our amenities, and the BVPF hopes to continue to get good ideas from residents and to implement new projects in the future.  With your

financial help, we will!


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