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Future Projects

Ho Hum Beach - New Kitchen


The snack bar at Ho Hum Beach has been without 110V AC service for over 15 years.  The 48V DC available from the solar field is insufficient to power many appliances and cannot support the hot water necessary to operate a full beach kitchen.  The kitchen has therefore struggled to provide any food items other than pre-packaged snacks, sodas, water and ice cream bars.


Re-establishing a full-service beach kitchen within the existing space would be a great achievement for the Village and would be strongly applauded and welcomed by all beach goers and their guests.  We believe the Village should embark on such a project.  We in the BVPF are prepared to help execute this project with the Village in a significant way.



The BVPF would propose to lead the renovation and establishment of a new “kitchen” at the existing snack bar located on the Bayside at Ho Hum Beach.  We believe this should be a 3-way partnership between the BVPF, the Village, and an experienced concessionaire.

The BVPF will commit time and management, as well as up to $10,000, towards this project.  This could take the form of contributing to (i) a new 110V AC converter, (ii) a new solar powered hot water heater, (iii) new batteries for the solar field, (iv) or various kitchen appliances.



Studies have been performed over the last 9 months to determine exactly what type of equipment would be installed and what the electrical, propane, and health code requirements would be.  It appears that the existing solar field is at the end of its useful life and cannot support any modern electrical appliances.  Given the deteriorated condition of this old solar field, a new solar field should be considered by the Village.  If this electrical issue can be resolved by the Village, then the plan for a new kitchen can proceed.

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