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Sandcastle Contest 2020

A picture perfect summer day greeted contestants on Sunday, September 6th, at the 12th Annual Sandcastle Contest, sponsored by the Bellport Village Program Fund.  Equipped with pails, shovels, and loads of creativity, contestants poured out of the Bellport Ferry and private boats, often spending hours constructing sand sculptures.  A panel of five judges, Charlotte Callender, Ellie Diamond, Katie Mehrkin, Village Trustee Robert Rosenberg, and Xander Stefanovitch awarded Carla Marla Gift Certificates to first, second, and third place winners in each of three categories.  In keeping with COVID guidelines, prizes were awarded to the winners by the masked judges at the site of their sandcastle rather than having the group gathered for an announcement ceremony.

First prizes were given to “The Pirates of the Great South Bay,” constructed by the Brian and Mike Specht families, who tied with "Red River" constructed by David, Tobin and Nina Garcia.  “Camelot” by Julia Steinman and Eve, Josh, and Oliver and “Moose Tracks in the Sand,” by the Magnes Family, also were first place winners.

Second place prizes were given to “Shark Attack” by Alessa Newman, Lola, Molly; “Surfing Sand Dune” by Dean McKnight, Hugo Szanto, and Noah Clarke; “Rock Lobster” by Katie and Sam Specht; and “Rufus the Turtle” by Cory and Desi Davis.

We had only one third place this year as there were so many ties in first and second places!  That award went to “Henrietta Octopus” by Phil, Caroline, and Evan Bland.

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Family Bingo Nights 2020

Because of the Covid impact on children missing their Bellport friends and longing for BINGO, and not knowing whether live bingo could be scheduled during the summer, a decision was made to conduct a Virtual Bingo on April 25.  This activity was organized by Lisa Metcalfe.  Each participant's parent/caregiver was emailed one unique printable BINGO card and a ZOOM meeting link.  Prizes of a $10.00 Amazon gift card were emailed to the parent/caregiver for the winners.  Because of the success of this first session, additional Virtual Bingo sessions were conducted on May 9 and June 6.


Following CDC social distancing guidelines, two Live Bingo sessions were held on the Foster’s 2-acre field on July 9 and Aug. 6.  Each family or group of ‘quarantined/bubble’ participants sat together six feet away from other groups. There were markers on the lawn to keep groups socially distanced.  Attendees brought a towel, blanket, or foldable chair to sit on, as well as their own drinks and snacks. 

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2020 Annual Scarecrow Contest

The annual Village of Bellport Scarecrow Contest has become a much-loved tradition for the Village and the surrounding area.  As a result of Covid, contestants were asked to make the scarecrows at home and then place them in the Village.  The Village provided the sticks for the body, the pumpkin for the head and instructions on where to place the Scarecrow.  Supplies were available to make 40 scarecrows.

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