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Sandcastle Contest 2018


The 10th annual Sandcastle contest was held on Sept. 02 at Mother's Beach.  Due to safety issues at Ho Hum Beach caused by high tides washing over the pavilion steps, and the potential that Ho Hum Beach might be closed, a decision was been made to hold the Sandcastle Contest at Mothers' Beach. 


In the 10 and under category the winners were:

  Tie for third place:

#1 Francesco and Lorenzo- The Coliseum
#10 Antonio and Angelina Tarabocci - Bob Castle
#12 Bear Ruxin Cohn, Ori Magnes, AJ Mortimer -King Boo

  Second Place
#9 Zach Silver and Dean McKnight - Village of Elderon
  First Place
#11 Anna Ramage with Graham and Jane Rohrmeier-  Stevie the Sea Turtle

In the 11-16 category the winners were:

  Tie for third place
#16 Julia and Jonathan Iwai- Mom and Baby Shark chasing fish
#28 Mika Magnes - Kissing Octopus with Stones on island
  Second Place
#30 Sam and Katie Specht -Puff the Magic Dragon, with bottles to play the song
  First Place
#24 Max and Drew Ficazzola and Flossie and Fifi Fogarty - Whale with working Blow Spout

In the 17 and over category the winners were:

  Tie for Third place
#32 Luke and Laine Oliver- Castle with feet

#41 Finn Munro and Theo Ruxin Cohn- 3 Squares  used to guard castle
  Second place
#59 The Garcia Family.  David, Carley, Tobin and Nina Garcia- The Hutch Castle
  First Place
#55 Opal, Luna, Anise and Cecilia- The Castle of Vulcan and Volcano

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Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 3-08-40 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 3-05-52 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 3-00-40 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-59-22 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-58-14 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-52-28 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-54-48 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-55-47 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-59-01 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-57-41 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-56-57 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 2-18-26 PM
Jacks iPhone 9-2-2018 3-18-15 PM
Cocktails by the Bay 2018


Rain uplifted, rather than dampened, the spirits of the 200 guests gathered inside Roger and Sava Thomas’ exquisite Bellport Bay-front home on Saturday, August 11th  for the 7th annual Cocktails by the Bay to support the highly successful projects launched by The Bellport Village Program Fund. 

The BVPF Board joined with guests this year to celebrate the 2018 signature project, the planned restoration this fall of the historic 1927 era bowling alley located in the basement of the Bellport Community Center.


As a result of generous contributions by residents of Bellport, The Bellport Village Program Fund, working in partnership with the Village, is restoring the vintage bowling alley, strikingly similar to the 1926 bowling alley in the basement of  The Frick Museum, to its beautiful, original working condition.  The Village will assist by executing various cosmetic changes and an overall facelift to the basement playroom, with Phillip Thomas, a noted interior designer and member of the BVPF Board of Directors, providing the “wow factor.”

Family Night at Mothers' Beach 2018


Started in 2014, Family Night at Mother’s Beach has grown each year and has been a resounding success providing a Bayside social setting for new resident families to meet fellow residents.  This year even more grandparents, parents, siblings, guests, and children galore all had a great time meeting each other and enjoying the beauty of Mother’s Beach.  Children played on the new playground equipment and, thanks to FOBB,  participated in seeding and chucking oysters into the Bay.  Meagan from Get Up-Stand Up brought a huge board and introduced the art of paddle boarding to all, old and young alike!


And of course, it wouldn’t be Family Night at Mother’s without the Flo’s Food Truck!  Love those famous lobster rolls!  Everyone had a fun, relaxing afternoon!

Jacks iPhone 7-28-2018 5-05-43 PM-2
Jacks iPhone 7-28-2018 6-13-16 PM-9
Allison-Family Night_02
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