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BVPF Bellport lane

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

911 Memorial Park

On September 11, 2011 the Village of Bellport remembered the events of 9/11 2001 on its 10th anniversary with the installation and unveiling of a new 9/11 memorial at the Bellport Village Memorial Park.

Many local and regional dignitaries attended and several different honor guards paraded and rendered the appropriate salutes and honors for those who gave their lives in this tragic incident. 

The new 9/11 Memorial was a piece of steel from the World Trade Center Towers. It was obtained through the efforts of Ex-Mayor David Pate. The design and installation of this memorial was done by local artisan Dwight Trujillo.

The BVPF was proud to raise funds to help with the design, construction and installation of this memorial.

Bellport Village Program Fund 911 Memorial
Mother's Beach Renovation

In the spring of 2013 the BVPF developed a project to renovate Mother's Beach with:


  • new swings and repainted swing sets

  • new picnic tables

  • new bike racks

  • new post rail fencing

  • construction of an attractive wooden lattice screen for the porta lavs

  • Industrial professional beach cleanup and sweeping to also include the Marina Playground


This was all carried out by local handyman and care taker Michel Mullaney using local help from local students and budding carpenters from the Boys and Girls Club.


On July 5, 2013 there was a Grand Unveiling at Mother's Beach with Flo's Truck in attendance.

About 300 people attended the multi generational gathering with many purchasing food from the popular Flo's truck.  The evening celebrated the collaboration between the Village of Bellport and the Bellport Village Program Fund.


It is impressive to see support expanding for projects in Bellport!   Although the Mother's Beach unveiling was not intended as a specific fundraiser, local residents generously contributed a significant amount to offset the costs involved in the Mother's Beach renovation!  

Bellport Village Program Fund Beach Renovation
Senior Van

For several years Bellport received grant funds through Suffolk County enabling transportation for senior citizens for doctor's appointments and other necessary rides that they could not afford to do otherwise.  Sadly, in 2013 the grant award was reduced which meant reductions in van service.   There were very limited funds available for the months of February, March, and April 2014, which could have limited or curtailed operations.


The Village could not fund this project as the law explicitly states that tax payer money cannot be used in this way for such a small number of citizens.  The grant funds were not sufficient to adequately fund the Senior Program through April 2014.  The shortfall of funds in early 2014 amounted to $4,000.


The Bellport Village Program Fund successfully raised the necessary funds to keep the van on the road.  Since then, the van has been funded and improved by the Village.




Project Grassroots

In the early 2013 the BVPF approved this project sponsored by Thomas Schultz and Sherry Binnington to add plantings to all the tree beds in the business district. The proposal was accepted by the BVPF at the same time a large contribution was received to fund Phase I of this project. Phase I has been completed and fundraising is continuing to execute Phase II and III. These will include planting bulbs and other very decorative plantings. 

Bellport Country Club Beautification

A landscape architect was engaged by BVPF in 2009 and developed a three phase Master Plan which has been approved by the Golf Commission.


The Village has already begun to implement this plan with the construction of the new bridge on the 10th hole and the repair and replacement of the railroad ties at the back of the 18th green.  In 20012, this new berm behind the 18th green was landscaped with beautiful flowers and plants by the BVPF.  We also did the same at the entrance to the BCC and continue to maintain all these plantings.    



BCC Pumphouse Restoration 

The BVPF is proud to support the project to restore the BCC Pumphouse at the 9th tee at the Bellport Country Club. 


The historic Pump house at the Bellport Country Club stands proudly as one of the few remaining pump house structures on Long Island.  Built in 1870 on the Otis-Edey estate, it provided water for the farm, gardens and main house.


In 1998, the pump house was partially restored by replacing the roof. This restoration was paid for by friends and family of Richard Warburton for whom the building is dedicated. Richard served on the golf commission for many years and was an avid golfer.


The building’s structure and siding  has been in desperate need of repair. It was the goal of the committee to raise $10,000 in order to make the necessary improvements. Perhaps one day the historic pump house might serve as a halfway house, serving refreshments to the golfers as they head for the back nine.

The Pumphouse Restoration Committee held a 9 hole golf outing to raise funds for restoration on June 15, 2015.


The fund raiser exceeded the goal of $10,000 thanks to all the individuals who participated.  Renovation has been completed.


Friends Of Bellport Bay - Seeding 400,000 Oysters!


In 2015 the BVPF affiliated with the small startup not for profit organization "Friends of Bellport Bay."  Since then the The Bellport Village Program Fund has joined forces with the Friends of Bellport Bay to seed Bellport Bay with over 400,000 oysters.


The success and size of this project and the FoBB after 2 years is astonishing and gratifying. FoBB no longer needs any assistance from the BVPF.  They are now large enough and capable enough to carry on their mission without our affiliation.  As a result, the BVPF is no longer affiliated with the FoBB.  They will continue their mission and execute their own fundraising to support their mission.


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