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Sandcastle Contest 2019

A picture perfect summer day greeted contestants on Saturday, August 31st , at the 11th Annual Ho Hum Beach Sandcastle Contest, sponsored by the Bellport Village Program Fund.  Equipped with pails, shovels, and loads of creativity, contestants poured out of the Bellport Ferry and private boats, often spending hours constructing sand sculptures.  A panel of five judges awarded Carla Marla Gift Certificates and Bellport Bowling League t-shirts to first, second, and third place winners in each of three categories.

First prize in the Adult and Child category was awarded to “Bellportasaurus,” constructed by members of the Cohn, Mortimer, and Monroe families.  Second place was “Spouting Elephant” by the Specht family and third place “Studio 54” by David, Tobin and Nina Garcia.

Winner in the 11-16 year old category was “Turtle with a Straw” by Maeve, Hazel and Sophie Sprowse.  Second place was “Vineyard Vines Whale” by Jane, Hutch, Wallen, Louise and Peter, and third prize was for “Ho Hum Carnival Games” by Sam and Katie Specht.

Winner of first place in the 10 year old and younger category was “Sand Bro’s,” by Hugo and Lex Szanto, Dean McKnight, Clark, Roman and Noah.  Second place was “Sponge Bob House” by Bryce and third place was “Happy Birthday Mermaid” by the Rohrmeier children

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Jacks iPhone 8-31-2019 2-50-34 PM-21-014
Janes iPhone 8-31-2019 2-50-00 PM-21-016
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Cocktails by the Bay 2019

The 2019 summer fundraiser was held on August 10 overlooking the Bellport Bay and Marina at the Shore Road home of Sava and Roger Thomas.  As a result of the successful event and contributions, we are able to continue with another year of Bite Back against mosquitoes and flies at Ho Hum Beach, Mother’s Beach and the Bandshell Park.

We will also be able to continue cleaning the beaches at the Marina Beach and Mother's Beach. 

Wendy  8-10-2019 6-47-02 PM
Wendy  8-10-2019 7-14-45 PM
Wendy  8-10-2019 8-06-33 PM-30-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 7-59-44 PM-29-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 7-54-53 PM-28-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 7-43-25 PM-27-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 7-42-59 PM-26-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 7-06-08 PM-25-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 6-56-09 PM-23-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 6-43-45 PM-21-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 6-49-19 PM-22-sm
Wendy  8-10-2019 7-02-24 PM-24-sm
Family Bingo Nights 2019

BVPF once again hosted 2 Family Bingo Nights at the Bellport Country Club.  This year, 90 people attended the July 11 Bingo Night, and 50 attended on August 8, with excited winners getting Carla Marla Gift Certificates.

Family Night at Mothers' Beach 2019


The Fourth Annual Family Night at Mother's Beach was held on July 28, 2019.  Flo’s truck was a huge success as usual and in spite of the extreme windy conditions that curtailed the plans for Get Up-Stand Up paddle boarding and FoBB oyster seeding into the bay, a good time was had by all. 

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Jacks iPhone 7-28-2019 6-41-033-sm
Jacks iPhone 7-28-2019 6-01-53 PM-sm
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