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Bite back Fly & Mosquito Spraying

Bite back Fly & Mosquito Spraying

For too many years, Bellport residents and their guests have endured annoying and potentially harmful mosquitoes on our beaches. This growing infestation has lowered attendance, marred the experience, and severely curtailed use of the beaches. 

In 2011/2012, the Bellport Village Program Fund secured permission from the Bellort Village Board of Trustees and the appropriate regulatory agencies to treat for mosquito control at Ho Hum and Mother’s Beaches. The plan uses Jeffrey Jenson (President, South Country Aboriculture, Inc.) to control the mosquito population using DEC approved environmentally responsible materials at both beaches at regular intervals. Jeffrey has contributied the startup costs for this program and the BVPF has funded the remaining execution costs. Implementation of this project began in May 2012, and has continued during the 2013 season. Residents have been delighted with the success of this project. This project also included buying and deploying green fly traps at both beaches.
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